BAR Technologies


We have committed to improving the sustainability of the entire marine industry in terms of environmental, social and economic impact.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set strong targets, and whilst we all have an opinion on carbon intensity indicator (CII), at least it is forcing debate and steering all stakeholders towards the decarbonisation targets set. Regulatory bodies are now taking up those guidelines and imposing carbon taxation in support. We only hope the funds raised are channelled back into the main goals.

Our work is devoted to decarbonisation. We are privileged to have a shareholder group who insist on this alongside more common corporate targets.

Whether it is producing designs to increase fuel efficiently, or designing with fuel sources which are free of CO2 emissions in operation, we are all working for a cleaner future.


In achieving our ambitions, and to retain our strong reputation, we have built a strategy to help us achieve our mission and we have based this around four key priorities:

Drive marine sustainability through disruptive innovation.

Always deliver exceptional results to our clients and stakeholders.

Stay abreast of industry challenges and adapt our approach to meet our clients’ needs.

Empower and nurture our talent through ongoing professional development.


We spend time understanding our clients business, provide fresh insight and offer the latest ideas.

Our team is passionate about delivering quality engineering solutions, and we work with our clients in a partnership arrangement, integrating innovative approaches and utilising our specialist expertise to deliver the results sought.

We also invent solutions and products we believe have the right commercial and environmental value. This can be for our clients or just because we see the requirement for future clients. We hold 5 valuable patents and growing.

Photo of the BAR Technologies team working together on a project.


Where we began is an important part of who we are, decades of experience at the very highest levels of competition on both land and water, culminated in the formation of BAR Technologies in 2016.

The team has been steadily growing and now boasts the brightest, most creative minds in the industry to bring a unique perspective to any problem.

Our team specialises in technically challenging multidisciplinary design, evaluation and optimisation engineering challenges.

We come from America’s Cup, Automotive, Motor Racing, Aerospace, Heavy Industry, Leisure Boating & University/School (to keep us energetic and mentor focused).

Photo of a competitive sailor, using a boat made by BAR Technologies.


We’re always looking for talented individuals, to bring valued expertise to our team