Control System Software Design

Continuing our strategy of developing the best inhouse capability, we have hired our control design team from Formula One – the ultimate testbed for software development.

Utilising capabilities and expertise imported from the motorsport arena our team harness expertise in electronic & hydraulic systems, telemetry, software, sensor technology, simulation and predictive analytics to provide integrated, intelligent control solutions which are a step ahead of current marine solutions.

Whilst we’d consider bespoke work on non-BAR Technologies vessels, our work to date has been start to finish coding on our foil technology including the Princess R35 and the VICTA DDU for Subsea Craft

  • Drawing on motorsport and aeronautic approaches
  • Embedded Control Software and ECU Development & Supply
  • Integrated Design, Simulation, Control and Electronic/Hydraulic Development- not an after thought
  • Agile Software Development Processes & Model based design and development
  • Distributed Control, Continuous integration and SIL and HIL testing
  • Automotive and Marine Network Communication Protocols