The Challenge

How do you make a vessel capable of the following:

a) Operating at speed on the surface before;
b) Submerging safely in less than 2 minutes in order to;
c) Deliver a team of embarked divers to conduct operations in high-threat, high-risk environments?

To achieve this, several obstacles need to be overcome:

  • High-speed surface operation warrants a powerful conventional marine diesel – but how to submerge it without compromising its operation or the craft’s buoyancy and trim?
  • Achieving stable operation in both domains (surface and submerged) with one single set of controls mandates a very complex software solution. So, how to fuse all of this into a single control system?
  • Safety is of paramount importance – how to assure this while ensuring reliability, simplicity and operational effectiveness?

The Solution – meet VICTA 2 from Subsea Craft

Surface: 40kts and 250nm endurance
Subsurface (A Wet Vessel): 30m, 4hrs, 8 kts and 24nm endurance
Transition: 120 second dive time
Transportable: Standard ISO container, single point lift
Hybrid: Diesel Surface, Electric Subsurface
Crew: 2 Crew, 6 Divers
Construction: Carbon