Computational Fluid Dynamics

With tank testing banned in the America’s Cup many years ago, the CFD team have been enjoyed increased investment and attention but we’ve demanded superior thinking and results in exchange.

Such is the fidelity of our CFD models and knowledge that tank testing is now for the occasional correlation and only if it is a client preference.  Tank testing has been banned in the America’s Cup for a decade and so our engineers have adopted a simulation only approach which we believe to be more accurate (to full scale reality)

Our expert team of aero & hydrodynamicists have state-of-the-art CFD capabilities, a life time of validation experience & use best in class software and hardware.

  • Primary Aero and Hydro Simulation Tool
  • Siemens NX for design work
  • CFD capability with STAR-CCM+ for analysis of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics as well as FSI
  • Design Optimisation looping using Geometry Factory
  • Automated queueing of simulation increasing efficiency