The Challenge

You rise to the challenge when one of the biggest Petrochems in the world appreciates the efficiency and performance of your 30m ProA but requests that you use those qualities for something slightly different.

Their brief was to create a larger vessel which can work safely to transit in 3m seas and also travel at 45knts in a 2m sea. All of the fuel efficiency of the BAR Technology slender hull and outrigger arrangement lend themselves to this new vessel.

With the aim of replacing helicopter transfers, both passenger comfort and passenger safety are of paramount importance in this brief.

The Solution

The efficiency and seakeeping of the smaller boat have all successfully migrated to this bigger version.  The deck has enough room for up to 4 containers and also large replacement parts with long deck area available.

Technicians can transfer in a number of different ways with the vessel capable of utilising a walk to work system and the cross deck is suitable for “frog lifts”.  The boat is also able to push on (with correct and safe loads) to make this a truly flexible boat.

The technicians are ready for work or relaxed on their return as this vessel comes with “business class” style seating for 40 passengers but can be adapted for multiple layouts.

The boat is a superb candidate for a high speed taxi and could provide a boat in the gap between a CTV and an SOV (for a fraction of the price).  The resulting boat can reach the anticipated top speed and as impressive will keep below 0.25g accelerations in the cabin in 3m sea states no matter what the wave angle