The Challenge

How do you determine the pathway forward for new heavy marine technology when the capex implications of a poorly performing ship are so high?  How do you further reduce that risk and ensure innovation can be deployed into new markets?

How do you decipher which is the best solution in the industry and gain the confidence to invest in one technology versus another?

Any genuine result must also take into account all of the forces from all of the differing aspects of a ship.  All too often the best result is “cherry picked” (and marketed) rather than considering the whole ship performance on the whole voyage.

The Solution

BAR Technologies have created Ship System Efficiency Analysis Tool (ShipSEAT) which is a unique tool which combines accurate simulation and interaction of complete hydrodynamic and ship propulsion systems with bespoke optimising multiple objective performance prediction software.

Hydrodynamics inputs such as upright resistance, added resistance waves, trim and displacement, sea keeping, together with appendages, rudders and bilge boards are used alongside aerodynamic inputs such as vessel windage, aux wind prop devises and container loading.

Models are created as further variables for engines, propellers, other machinery together with operational constraints.