Structural Analysis

Fully integrated into the detailed development team our structural engineers ensure designs are structurally efficient in concept and optimised in detail.

An efficient structural design must ultimately be safe, reliable and robust but an overly conservative approach is the most common failure of any structural team – this leads to inefficient, heavy hulls, equipment etc and ultimately an underperforming boat.

With Finite Element Analysis, being a core skill, we will analyse both internal and external forces, vibration, flow and temperature. Our CFD and Structural analysis teams work together for the best overall solution.

  • Integrated parametric structural solution
  • NX Nastran Linear/Non-Linear Static & Optimisation
  • Advanced Non-Linear Implicit and Explicit Solvers
  • SAMCEF for Progressive Through Thickness Failure Analysis
  • FEmap for Pre/Post Processing Aero/Hydro Elastic Models
  • Custom ‘LaminatorKit’ for Local Composite Reinforcement Modelling
  • Coupled Multi-Object Optimisers
  • Design to Classification Requirements