The Challenge

The IMO has set the goals for the shipping industry ultimately arriving at a 50% reduction in GHG by 2050. Amplifier recently published the Towards Net-Zero report to show pathways to reduce emissions to zero. It identifies wind as a significant and underutilised source of energy in shipping.

The IMO, Flags and Class all want wind to become a viable propulsion method. There is also considerable pull from forward thinking vessel owners and charterers that are prepared to take a leadership position and hence want to push for early adoption of the GHG reductions.

BAR Technologies has invested significant resource over the past years to become equipped to become a key player in cutting emissions in the marine industry. That research resulted in our patent pended WindWings technology. Extensive research by patent agents and other professionals clearly show our solution to be unique and powerful.

The Solution

WindWings combines wind propulsion with route optimisation. This could increase the fuel efficiency of vessels in excess of 30% depending on if the installation is a retrofit or combined with a fully optimised newbuild hull. Initially aimed at bulk carriers and tankers, further variations will be developed for other large ship types.

BAR have already secured 2 signed contracts for work on new vessels combining WindWings with hull optimisation for a bespoke solution.

One size does not fit all. We have developed a WindWings optimised around the most common vessels sizes and either 3 or 4 WindWings will be deployed. We will develop other sizes in the next year but always meaning mindful that economics must also play a very large part in this direction – Return on Capital and Payback are as important as the sustainability benefits.