The Challenge

Princess Yachts wanted to create their most exciting yacht of the range.  In their own words this was “born of a desire to combine the very finest of Princess’s experience with new technologies, materials, and engineering that challenge the boundaries of yachting”

In a first for the yacht industry, Princess partnered with BAR Technologies and legendary Italian designers, Pininfarina on what was their first ever boat. “The result has torn up the rulebook, rocked the boat industry and set the benchmark for the next generation of Princess yachts.”

With Pininfarina looking after those beautifully pleasing lines above the water, our task was to design a hull and a dynamic foiling system specifically for this vessel.  The foils also required full retraction to the hull.

Combining our latest hull and foil optimisation techniques, blended machine learning-based optimisation approaches, advanced parametric modelling and world-leading CFD simulation with bespoke mechanical component design, control logic and system design we developed a solution.

The Solution

“The result has torn up the rulebook, rocked the boat industry and set the benchmark for the next generation of Princess yachts.”

Building on our patented FOSS (Foil Optimisation and Stability System) this solution concentrates on achieving significant hydrodynamic efficiency gains whilst actively improving dynamic handling and sea keeping.

The use of active, differential foil actuation has demonstrated the following handling and comfort advantages:

  • General motion damping – the vessel feels larger and more stable.
  • Active roll and trim response – counters sea state, loading conditions and the effects of speed and acceleration on trim, also negates the need for stabiliser fins when underway.
  • Roll response in turns – the amount of banking in a turn can be reduced or exaggerated to suit personal preference.
  • Decoupling the effect of roll and yaw in quartering seas – significantly reduces broaching behaviour and increasing control.
  • Ability to select vessel response provide the most appropriate passenger experience for those onboard.

What did Princess say?

Port and starboard foils adjust independently of each other, their positions calculated 100 times per second by an onboard computer to re-define ride comfort and high-speed cornering ability.

Unlike other foil technologies, the system does not lift the hull out of the water. Instead, it adjusts the heel angle and attitude of the boat ensuring the most effective contact area at the bow at any speed for stable travel and extreme levels of grip.

A mode selector at the helm allows you to choose between Sport and Comfort control algorithms which adjust the attitude and responsiveness of the foils to suit your wishes. The BAR Tech FOSS works with the sea rather than battling against it, providing a completely new, on the water experience.

First Review from Motor Boat and Yachting:  “The 50-knot R35 isn’t just the fastest Princess yet, it’s also the most radical thanks to a state-of-the-art active foiling system."