Portsmouth, UK, 19 April 2024
Pioneering the future of sustainable transportation, BAR Technologies and Cargill have received the Gold Award in the Smart Transportation category at the esteemed 2024 Edison Awards™.

Named after pioneering American inventor Thomas Edison, the annual competition honours excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design, and innovation.

The Gold Award recognises BAR Technologies’ and Cargill’s ground-breaking work on the Pyxis Ocean owned by MC Shipping, the first dry bulk vessel to be retrofitted with BAR Technologies’ innovative WindWings® technology. The collaboration has led to a revolutionary reduction in fuel consumption, achieving an average daily saving of 3 tonnes and a corresponding decrease in CO2 emissions of nearly 10 tonnes.

BAR Technologies’ WindWings® mark a significant advancement in diminishing the environmental impact of commercial shipping. Since its maiden voyage in August 2023, the Pyxis Ocean has reported impressive fuel savings, setting a new benchmark for sustainable maritime transport, with the WindWings® technology now being rolled out across the commercial shipping sector globally.

Gold prize awarded for retrofitting the bulk carrier vessel Pyxis Ocean with BAR Technologies’ WindWings®, resulting in a daily fuel saving of 3 tonnes and cutting CO2 emissions by nearly 10 tonnes

John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, said, “Our vision at BAR Technologies is to set the sails of maritime innovation towards a greener future. We’re honoured to have been recognised for our work with Cargill on the Pyxis Ocean, and that our WindWings® technology is delivering against this mission. In the future, Kamsarmax bulk carrier vessels, like the Pyxis Ocean, will carry three wings, further increasing the fuel savings and emissions reductions by a factor of 1.5.”

With a global network of over 2,500 R&D specialists, Cargill is dedicated to innovating with purpose. The company aims to introduce transformative solutions that yield enduring benefits for our health, the environment, and society. The Edison Award™ for WindWings® highlights Cargill’s leadership in spearheading global change and its steadfast commitment to a future where innovation is synonymous with sustainability.

All nominations are reviewed by the Edison Awards’ Steering Committee and an executive judging body. The panel is comprised of more than 2,000 senior business executives and academics from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, and education, as well as past winners.

For more information on the Edison Awards, please visit www.edisonawards.com