We at BAR Technologies challenged ourselves to incorporate our broad knowledge of naval architecture, simulation, CFD and patented IP into a superior Crew Transfer Vessel for taking technicians to work on Wind Turbines (amongst other uses). The aim being to improve seakeeping and help make a green energy sector even greener by dramatically reducing fuel requirements.

The result is a craft that is truly novel, reduces vertical accelerations by between 35% and 70% and is between 30% and 50% more fuel efficient. So, if you like the idea of being able to use a craft in high seas with less motion sickness, delivering more operational days, whilst consuming much less fuel, then please ask for more details.

Future-proofing the design to accommodate various powering solutions, let’s save more together by coupling traditional power with electric.

By way of further teaser, here is a video showing simulations of a recently launched catamaran and our vessel in the same sea state – the difference in seakeeping is obvious.

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