Portsmouth, UK, 16th April 2024 — BAR Technologies and EMER International Limited, in collaboration with its subsidiary China Merchants Energy Tech (CMET), have partnered with Abacus Marine Consultants Ltd (Abacus) to introduce WindWings® to the Greek shipping market. Under the agreement, Abacus will serve as the exclusive sales agent for WindWings® in Greece, marking another significant stride towards decarbonising the European shipping industry.

Greek owners control 60% of the EU fleet and 21% of the world’s deadweight capacity hence Greece plays a crucial role in helping the shipping sector meet the International Maritime Organization’s environmental targets. The adoption of Wind Assisted Propulsion (WAP) systems in Greece is therefore pivotal for the global shipping sector’s clean transition. This latest partnership not only places WindWings® as a top WAP solution in Greece but also reaffirms BAR Tech’s pioneering leadership in driving maritime sustainability worldwide.

WindWings® continue to prove their effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In the most recent landmark trial, completed in March 2024, the bulk carrier Pyxis Ocean, retrofitted with two WindWings®, achieved significant fuel savings averaging 3 tonnes per day, over a six-month period. During optimal sailing conditions, the Pyxis Ocean trial confirmed fuel savings of 11 tonnes per day, translating to a remarkable 41 tonnes less CO2 emitted per day – far exceeding initial projections.

With BAR Tech headquartered in the UK, new production facilities established in China with CMET, and Nervion in Spain, alongside this latest strategic partnership with Abacus in Greece, the global reach of WindWings® is expanding confidently and rapidly.

WindWings® operate in conjunction with a route optimisation system that adjusts the rigid sails based on wind conditions, vessel speed/course all without compromising the vessel’s speed. Berge Bulk’s Berge Olympus was equipped with four WindWings® in October 2023, which made it the most powerful sailing cargo ship in history.

Commodore George Spathis, Commercial Manager of Abacus, said: “In the face of pressing environmental challenges, our partnership with BAR Technologies and CMET to promote WindWings® in Greece is not just a business venture; it’s a commitment to our collective future. Through the expansion of WindWings® sales across the Greek shipping market, we are supporting ship owners and their Charterers to adhere to IMO targets. We will also be contributing towards a sustainable shipping industry that respects and protects the marine environment we have navigated for generations.”

John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, said: “The introduction of WindWings® to the Greek maritime sector through Abacus is a testament to our vision for a rapidly decarbonised global fleet. WindWings® is a cornerstone in our strategy to reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint, and the technology demonstrates that economic efficiency and ecological responsibility can coexist on the open seas.”

Stone Shi, Commercial Director of CMET, said: “The collaboration between CMET’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and Abacus’s significant market presence in Greece is a powerful alliance. As we expand the deployment of WindWings® across the globe, we are delivering a promise of a cleaner, greener maritime pathway that aligns with the global decarbonisation agenda.”