Work Boats

Work Boats and Commercial Vessels

The challenge

Applying game-changing marine technologies to the work boat environment

Marine innovation that benefits your business and the environment

We incorporate our broad knowledge of naval architecture, simulation, CFD and our portfolio of patented marine technologies into superior work boat and commercial vessel designs. The resulting improvements in seakeeping, performance and efficiency improve crew & passenger wellbeing, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Foil Optimised Stability System (FOSS)

Our challenge was to achieve significant fuel saving and superior sea keeping in a way that is suitable for adaption to a wide range of vessels, with differing lengths and multiple markets.

Render of the Foil Optimised Stability System (FOSS).

BAR Tech 30

Crew Transfer Vessels are used to transport technicians to work on Wind Turbines. The efficiency and seakeeping of these vessels is critical for the environment and crew wellbeing.

We applied our expertise in generative design and hydrodynamics to produce a truly innovative vessel that delivers for the seafarers, the environment and the vessel owners.

Photo of BARTech 30 in the water.

Chartwell 24

These vessels, designed by pioneering naval architect, Chartwell Marine, were the first equipped with our Foil Optimisation and Stability System (FOSS).

This system enhances vessel stability, improving comfort for offshore wind technicians, and create substantial operational efficiency gains.

Photo of a chartwell 24 ship in the water.

Frequently asked questions

With which types of work boat do BAR Technologies have design experience?

Recently completed design projects include the BAR Tech 30 offshore wind support vessel , and the 24m Chartwell crew transfer vessel .

Could your advanced design methods be used for other types of work boat?

Yes! If you are motivated to reduce your fleet emissions and you want to improve your business by reducing fuel usage, out team can help. Don't accept the design norm for your new vessels!

Do BAR Technologies build work boats?

No, but we work very closely with ship yards to incorporate our designs and technologies