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Driving marine sustainability through
simulation driven marine innovation

At BAR Technologies, our mission is to be at the forefront of performance evolution, developing bespoke and innovative engineering solutions, utilising our experience and expertise to meet the ambitious requirements of our clients across the commercial and leisure marine market sectors.

Our ability to draw on the latest and most advanced systems and techniques across design, construction and project management provide us with an impressive array of resources. From sailing to shipping, sub-sea craft to superyachts and commercial vessels, we’re proven to deliver the very best results in this exciting and rewarding environment.

Generative Design

Our optimisation strategy integrates automatic geometric design, leveraging both traditional and cutting-edge parametric methods, with the objectives to:​

  • Generate innovative and optimally refined solutions​
  • Minimise computational expenses​
  • Ensure seamless integration with our proprietary technologies, such as WindWings®.​
Graphic design of a generative hull design.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We pioneer maritime decarbonisation through data, design and AI synergy.

Our decarbonisation solutions and services are driven by innovative design philosophies with advanced data analyses and simulation techniques. We leverage AI to rapidly deliver highly effective and sustainable solutions.

Graphic image showing the generative ai design process.

Design Optimisation

Bespoke and continually developing optimisation methodologies are central to our tool sets. Over 10 years of development, this has become one of the key performance differentiators between ourselves and ‘traditional’ marine engineering offices.

Bespoke and continually developing optimisation methodologies are central to our tool sets. Over 10 years of development, this has become one of the key performance differentiators between ourselves and ‘traditional’ marine engineering offices.

Contemporary vessel design is a far more complex procedure now than in recent decades and made more complex when considering the ship as a holistic system – a must if ultimate efficiency is to be achieved.
At BAR we have long since changed our approach to one using machine learning and training neural networks to compute the best hull formation when considering all of the objectives.

We are now designing the systems to design the hull…

Graphic render of an engineered solutions design optimisation.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

With tank testing banned in the America’s Cup many years ago, the CFD team have been enjoyed increased investment and attention but we’ve demanded superior thinking and results in exchange.

Such is the fidelity of our CFD models and knowledge that tank testing is now for the occasional correlation and only if it is a client preference.  Tank testing has been banned in the America’s Cup for a decade and so our engineers have adopted a simulation only approach which we believe to be more accurate (to full scale reality)

Our expert team of aero & hydrodynamicists have state-of-the-art CFD capabilities, a life time of validation experience & use best in class software and hardware.

Performance Simulation & Analysis

The performance of a vessel shouldn’t be discovered on the water or even in a tank, performance simulation is far too accurate to ignore.

Indeed it is an essential part of the design loop in order to achieve the most performant design.

Whether you are developing a unique hull, considering a novel device for your hull, developing improvements yourself or merely understanding the market, BAR Technologies can inform you of its performance and suggest improvements

Accurate performance simulation negates the risk and need for performance criteria and penalties in contracts as you can be confident of performance from the outset.

Performance simulation for a ship in the water with BAR WindWings.

Control System Software Design

Continuing our strategy of developing the best inhouse capability, we have hired our control design team from Formula One – the ultimate testbed for software development.

Utilising capabilities and expertise imported from the motorsport arena our team harness expertise in electronic & hydraulic systems, telemetry, software, sensor technology, simulation and predictive analytics to provide integrated, intelligent control solutions which are a step ahead of current marine solutions.

Whilst we’d consider bespoke work on non-BAR Technologies vessels, our work to date has been start to finish coding on our foil technology including the Princess R35 and the VICTA DDU for Subsea Craft.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Optimising structures to maximise performance and minimise weight

Our team of highly skilled stress engineers use the latest generation FEA tools and in-house optimisation methods derived from Americas Cup to design optimised marine structures in metal, composite and hybrid.

3D render of finite element analysis.

Mechanical, Composite & Detail Design

To ensure our designs deliver on their potential, our inhouse team of detailed design engineers balance complexity with performance gains for individual components according to brief.

The clients of BAR Technologies have access to our proven, full vessel or component-level mechanical and composite design capability. Designed utilising the optimisation provided by FEA whilst recognising the many trade offs of performance, longevity, manufacture and price.