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Innovation & Development

The America’s Cup has always been a fertile area for innovation and development that has subsequently rippled outwards into other areas of the leisure marine sector. BAR Technologies can be an important part of this process, fast-tracking the application and adaptation of new technologies to the challenges that your sector faces to give your business an edge.

An example is one of the most eye-catching innovations in the Cup in recent years – the switch to hydrofoiling. We believe the long-term ‘trickledown’ effect of this technology will be dramatic.

Foil Optimisation and Stability System

BAR Technologies has developed and patented FOSS (Foil Optimisation and Stability System) for performance motor yachts. It combines the latest in active hydrofoil technology with advanced hull hydrodynamic optimisation. It achieves significant hydrodynamic efficiency gains whilst actively improving handling and sea keeping (See Princess Yachts case study).

FOSS combines our latest hull and foil optimisation techniques, blending machine learning-based optimisation approaches, advanced parametric modelling and world-leading CFD simulation with bespoke mechanical component design, control logic and system design.


We believe this represents a step change in motor yacht design. The technology is highly flexible and can be adapted to provide significant gains across a wide range of speed envelopes and vessel sizes from 30-200 feet or more.

A 32’ demonstrator has been successfully sea trialled with efficiency and handling gains proving to be in line with design predictions. FOSS technology is used in a high-performance production motor yacht delivered September 2018 with fully retractable and actively controlled hydrofoils.

The use of active, differential foil actuation has demonstrated the following handling and comfort advantages:

  • General motion damping – the vessel feels larger and more stable.
  • Active roll and trim response – counters sea state, loading conditions and the effects of speed and acceleration on trim, also negates the need for stabiliser fins when underway.
  • Roll response in turns – the amount of banking in a turn can be reduced or exaggerated to suit personal preference.
  • Decoupling the effect of roll and yaw in quartering seas – significantly reduces broaching behaviour and increasing control.
  • Ability to select vessel response provide the most appropriate passenger experience for those onboard.

BAR Technologies offers a full range of design, engineering and optimisation services for the leisure marine industry.

Fully developed FOSS solutions are also offered to the bespoke motor and superyacht markets.