High Performance
& Superyachts

The Challenge

The achievement of excellence in superyacht design requires the balance of a unique and often conflicting set of goals. The modern superyacht needs to meet high performance criteria for speed, efficiency and seaworthiness; to be luxurious with exceptional levels of comfort; to be reliable and serviceable no matter where and when the yacht may be required; and – of course – to look amazing.

To meet these challenging and often conflicting requirements, engineers and designers must call on a wide spectrum of knowledge and applicable technologies for solutions. We offer an extensive and multidisciplinary range of design, engineering, simulation and optimisation skill sets to find answers.


effective & efficient

It’s rare to find a single organisation in the marine industry with this depth and breadth of skills, and it means we are uniquely placed to provide effective, efficient solutions to the most complex and demanding engineering challenges.



Our capabilities draw heavily on our vast experience in the America’s Cup, and our team includes naval architects; aero- and hydro-dynamists; mechanical, structural and composite engineers; control system specialists in both electronic and hydraulic systems; data analysts and simulation experts.

The superyacht design and engineering consultancy services we provide include:

  • Hull and foil optimisation – uses an advanced machine learning based approach; combines advanced parametric modelling, world leading CFD simulations and a variety of optimisation tools.
  • Performance simulation – includes a performance prediction tool working in 6DOF that was developed in-house, along with full dynamic simulation, manoeuvring and trajectory optimisation, and automated sail and foil trim optimisation.
  • Full immersion simulator – draws on the technology used daily as a design development tool within our America’s Cup program. This is an extremely flexible tool which accurately simulates boat-specific sailing environments for owners and skippers to experience their new yachts at the concept and development stages. It enables clients to physically experience boat motions, explore the effects and assess the viability of design solutions and variations, and develop bespoke HMI (human machine interface).
  • Custom mechanical design – from bespoke low friction bearing sets through to complex actuation mechanisms, custom hydraulic components and unique steering mechanisms – we can supply design and analysis for your custom mechanical components (see Baltic Yachts case study).
  • Control system development and integration – design consultancy for hydraulic and electronic systems that can include custom controllers, control logic development and bespoke HMI solutions (including BAR Technologies unique Power Assisted Trim). We can also support bespoke autopilot development.
  • Structural optimisation
  • Data architecture and performance analysis – supplying performance and structural data monitoring (local and remote), logging and analysis.
  • Prototype development – proof of concept testing and project management for component manufacture and procurement.