Heavy Marine

Development &

BAR Technologies has developed advanced hydrodynamic simulation and optimisation capabilities from extensive involvement in elite sailboat competitions including the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and other Grand Prix Races

We can apply the same principles, techniques and tools to commercial ship hull optimisation and demonstrate optimisation gains.


Our Methodology

The methodology is based around highly refined RANS CFD simulations, AI modelling techniques and advanced performance simulation models.  Large-scale batch creation and analysis of parametric geometry is combined with the fitting of response surfaces using neural network and AI modelling processes and advanced optimisation techniques.


Cutting Edge

Our technology allows the performance evaluation of millions of hull shape and trim variations. The resulting short-list of unique forms, parametric hull models (which best fit the client’s design performance specification) are then further tested using CFD and compared against the baseline hulls.


We have extensively verified and refined our high fidelity RANs CFD capability against tank and full scale data. We simulate at ship scales, negating scaling and experimental repeatability issues and ensuring the capture of effects which are difficult to accurately predict in the tank.

When necessary our simulations include hulls, appendages and the propeller simultaneously. BAR Technologies can also include aerodynamic simulations – to capture wind effects around stacks and vents for example, investigating exhaust gas movement to ensure passenger comfort.

The optimisation services we provide include:

  • Full hull optimisation
  • Partial hull optimisation (i.e. bow and/or stern remodelling)
  • Asymmetric stern design
  • Appendage optimisation, eg. thruster house, propeller etc
  • Nozzle shaping and alignment
  • Trim optimisation
  • Devising, managing, running and post-processing a variety of traditional tank and free running model tests. This includes self-propelled simulations and performance predictions (calm and waves).