Data & Electronics​​

Big Data techniques

The mining and analysis of large data sets for new patterns and insights – ‘Big Data’ techniques – has become one of the defining technological leaps of our time, combining advances in computing technology, programming techniques and statistics.



The complexity of the marine environment – with the performance of sailboats and ships dependent on their interaction with two fluids and their interface – has meant that it was ripe for the application of these new data analytics techniques.



BAR Technologies developed its experience and tool through the America’s Cup, where effective instrumentation, data collection and analysis are all critical technologies. The team can bring this knowledge and insight to bear on a multitude of challenges from improving racing sailboat performance to strain sensing and monitoring loads for superyachts or shipping.

Data and electronics consultancy services include:

  • Instrumentation – developing and installing sensor and remote monitoring packages, load monitoring and alarm systems
  • Data collection – building an appropriate data architecture that’s scaled for your data collection goals
  • Data visualisation – creating tools to allow easy visualisation of data sets
  • Data analytics – analysis of data sets to improve performance, develop polar performance tables, optimise trajectories and weather routing