Subsea Craft VICTA

Covert Diver Delivery Unit

Subsea Craft VICTA

The next generation
of covert delivery and mobility


BAR Technologies, was chosen to support British advanced maritime technology business, SubSea Craft Ltd, in the design and build of VICTA – the world’s most advanced diver delivery unit.

In partnering with SubSea Craft, BAR Technologies used its expertise in computational fluid dynamics to help deliver a performance envelope for the vessel that will enable it to hit 40kts and 250nm endurance on the surface, matched by an equally impressive underwater specification where four hours endurance can navigate two crew and six divers for 25nm.

Scott Verney, CEO at SubSea Craft, said “VICTA represents the beginning of a new line of next-generation diver delivery units, which will transform operation capabilities for above and below surface transit. We collaborate with the world’s leading specialist engineering consultants such as BAR Technologies, blending best in class industry advancements with an agile business mind-set to influence the development of our craft. It is pivotal to achieving VICTA’s technical edge…