Fully Foiling

Leisure Marine Technology


Our patented foiling technology and expertise converts your yacht into a flying boat, literally. We design hydrofoils that lift your boat entirely out of the water which essentially make them fly.

Our foiling packages are extremely precise and utilise top-notch technology, design, expertise, and control systems. By optimizing and designing your hull, our fully foiling integrations result in:

  • Drastic drag reduction
  • Incredible high speeds and thrilling experience
  • Exceptional performance
  • Exceptional balance above the water.

If you also want a fully foiling boat, contact us to discuss further.

Turnkey Solution

The use of active, differential foil actuation has demonstrated the following handling and comfort advantages:

  • General motion damping – the vessel feels larger and more stable.
  • Active roll and trim response – counters sea state, loading conditions and the effects
  • of speed and acceleration on trim, also negates the need for stabiliser fins when underway.
  • Roll response in turns – the amount of banking in a turn can be reduced or exaggerated to suit personal preference.
  • Decoupling the effect of roll and yaw in quartering seas – significantly reduces broaching behaviour and increasing control.
  • Ability to select vessel response, providing the most appropriate passenger experience for those onboard.

Fully developed FOSS solutions are offered to the bespoke motor and superyacht markets in addition to the work boat market.