Electric & Hybrid Drive

Leisure Marine Technology


The drive train make up can be considered as individual components, which although interact, influence the system efficiency and emissions in various ways.

  • Propulsive Drive Line- various types of props, waterjets etc
  • Hybridization and Electrification
  • Power Source and Fuel Type.

When considering and comparing various propulsive lines the important considerations including:

  • Efficiency (directly related to fuel consumption)
  • System weight
  • Bollard Push (although we know the vessel performs very well with WJ values)
  • Complexity, reliability and service intervals (C, R & S) • Vessel Maneuverability
Turnkey Solution

Hybridisation and Electricifcation

Varying levels of hybridization and electrification can be applied to most drive trains. Through electrification (to a greater or lesser extent) you decouple the power/fuel source from that of the drive train with energy fed via a DC grid.

Behind the DC grid there is flexibility to add traditional generators (of differing fuel types), battery, fuel cell etc.