Assisted Foiling

Leisure Marine Technology


The benefits of foiling don’t always mean raising the hull clear of the water at speed.

Our best project to exemplify this is the Princess R35. 
While our foil technology and optimization techniques don’t make your boat fly completely out of the water surface in this case, it significantly adjusts the heel angle and attitude of your boat which results in significant benefits such as:

  • Greater stability and sea keeping at sea
  • Increased speed than using a normal hull
  • Higher levels of grip
  • Reduces broaching behaviour and increases control.

Contact us for more information on how we can integrate our assisted foiling technology into your yachts.

Turnkey Solution

The BAR Technologies Foil Optimised Stability System (FOSS) is an active ride control system designed to reduce fuel consumption and improve seakeeping performance using hydrofoil technology. The use of active foils provides the following handling and comfort advantages:

  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Increased top speed.
  • General motion damping.
  • Active roll and trim response.
  • Roll response in turns.
  • Decoupling the effect of roll and yaw in quartering seas