Leisure Boats

eFoiler and FOSS specialists

The challenge

Maximising Performance, Efficiency & Sustainability

The development of hydrofoils and electric powertrains has delivered the one of the biggest step changes in performance the marine industry has ever seen.

Competition at the leading edge, from the America’s Cup to the Olympics has helped to fuel explosive growth in interest and demonstrated the inherent opportunities of hydrofoils. At BAR Technologies, our mission is to be at the forefront of this performance evolution, developing bespoke and innovative engineering solutions, utilising our experience and expertise to meet the ambitious requirements of our clients in the Leisure boat sector.

Fully Foiling

The SpiritBARTech35EF, the product of Spirit Yachts’ partnership with BAR Technologies and its America’s Cup simulation and design expertise, is the first fully electric yacht capable of delivering a range of 100 nautical miles between charges.

Assisted Foiling

With our state-of-the art control and systems technologies, it is possible to greatly improve the hydrodynamic performance and efficiency without raising the hull clear of the water via Assisted Foiling. Find out what it could do for your next programme.

Photo of a boat in the water with leisure assisted foiling.

Electric & Hybrid Drive

Whether you are looking for a fully electric or hybrid drive train, or it you are looking for guidance on which is best for your project, our team have the expertise to help.

Our wide range of proven capabilities include the development of complete high-voltage (HV) systems, custom lightweight gensets, bespoke battery packs, cooling and charging infrastructure, advanced battery and power management systems, tailored electric motors, with integrated epicyclic gearboxes, passive cooling and custom propellers.

Custom Mechanical Solutions

Our team of engineers are here to help you with world-class experience and expertise when needed.

Whether structural, mechanical, control or system related, we help to overcome design problems quickly and provide you and your team with solutions you can depend on.