The Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021 Shortlist and Voting Announced
London, 22 October 2021

The International Windship Association (IWSA) has today announced that the shortlist for the second Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards has been released and the voting booths are open.

The awards recognise pioneering projects, technological innovation and the development of wind propulsion as technically and commercially viable solutions within the shipping industry. These awards aim to highlight positive decarbonisation projects underway in the world of shipping and therefore the organisers have aligned the awards with the build up to COP26. Voting will continue up until Sunday, 07 November and then the virtual awards ceremony will be held on 11 November 0900-1030 (UK time), live from Glasgow.

“We are delighted to launch these awards which have attracted over 80 nominations. Those have then been whittled down to a shortlist for voting by 27 judges from across the shipping industry including wind propulsion experts, shipowners, naval architects and decarbonisation thought leaders.” says Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary General, he continues, “wind propulsion stands as a clear ‘good news’ story for the shipping industry as a zero-emissions energy source, with technologies being rolled out today.”  

BAR Tech WindWings By Yara Marine Technologies are nominated for the prestigious Wind Propulsion Innovation Award

The Wind Propulsion Innovation Award for developers of innovative technology and installations received more than 20 nominations alone. This award is sponsored by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Seven companies are shortlisted: In addition to Wind Wings from BAR Technologies and Yara Marine Technologies, the other finalists are Anemoi, AYRO/VPLP, Norsepower, VALE SA, Windship Technology, WISAMO from Michelin and

WindWings revolutionise wind propulsion, reducing fuel consumption by 30%

Commercial shipping faces critical challenges in meeting the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) 2050 GHG reduction targets without compromising the essential performance of its service as a cornerstone of global trade. BAR Technologies (BarTech) has developed WindWings in partnership with Yara Marine Technologies to capture and realise wind propulsion’s emissions-reducing potential.

BarTech WindWings by Yara Marine Technologies (WindWings) combines wind propulsion with route optimization to offer up to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption for bulk carriers, tankers, and other large shipping vessels. The product features large solid wing sails of up to 40 meters in height fitted to the deck. This original size will be one of three specifications to be brought to market. The technology has been awarded Approval in Principle by leading class society DNV.

WindWings is an adaptable product applicable for both retrofit, and incorporation into newbuild designs. The product has been designed for deployment across varying vessel specifications, with different sizes and numbers of wings recommended for optimum efficiency realisation. The product was commercially validated by world-leading bulk carrier Cargill, providing a pathway for the world’s first company WindWings retrofit onto a Kamsarmax bulker. Yara Marine Technologies (Yara) joined this partnership as a licensed manufacturer of WindWings, enabling scale-up of the technology across its global portfolio of ship owners and ensuring its ready availability to meet the needs of the shipping industry worldwide.

BarTech contributes its wind propulsion expertise to the EU funded Horizon 2020 (H2020) research project CHEK – deCarbonizing sHipping by Enabling Key technology symbiosis on real vessel concept designs. WindWings will be installed on one of two vessels to assess the energy saving potential of multiple technologies working in symbiosis. BarTech’s role in this project will drive improved understanding and increased engagement of wind propulsion with key decision-makers in the European shipping market, and encourage future adoption of wind propulsion technologies.

BarTech was established by Olympic and World Champion sailor Sir Ben Ainslie, former McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh and it’s CTO Simon Schofield, to translate the cutting-edge speed, ambition, and technological prowess of yacht and motor racing into tangible efficiency improvements for commercial shipping. The engineering team behind the development of WindWings combines learnings and expertise from F1 racing, Americas Cup, aerospace engineering, and more; see here for more on BarTech’s unique pedigree.

WindWings not only speaks within the industry to the deep need for decarbonisation, but communicates the low-carbon movement of the shipping sector to the rest of the business world and general public. With several features in the worlds most well-respected news publications, such as the New York Times, CNN, and The Times, BarTech has shown millions of people the positive initiative that is being taken within the industry, creating demand and interest for investors and key business professionals worldwide.

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