Ipswich, 15th December – Spirit Yachts, the world leader in modern classic yacht design and build, and BAR Technologies, an innovative simulation-driven marine engineering consultancy, are collaborating to deliver a fully electric, fully foiling 35-foot motor yacht.

Commissioned by the owner of the award-winning Spirit 111 sailing superyacht, the project will exemplify BAR’s high-tech efficiency and sustainability while maintaining a classically beautiful aesthetic. The foiler has 6 seats in open cockpit configuration quickly converting to a 2-seater spider configuration for the ultimate thrill.

Owners of modern classic yachts are increasingly assessing the green credentials of their investments as battery technology matures and quiet, efficient electric drivetrains become more practical. Advances in foiling technology from the Americas’ Cup racing circuit are now opening the door to green innovations in the wider maritime sphere, reducing the energy requirements of new vessels significantly.

Spirit Yachts is responsible for the styling of the vessel to ensure a distinctive, classic look. BAR Technologies will bring its Americas’ Cup simulation and design expertise to deliver an optimal hull form below the waterline, using foil technology to minimise hull contact with the water and improve both comfort and efficiency. The vessel will ‘take-off’ at 14 knots, and once flying, will cruise at 22 knots and a top speed of 30 knots.

Reducing power consumption through holistically designed green vessel platforms is key to enabling the next-generation of future-proof classic yachts. BAR Technologies will design and manage the vessel’s electric powertrain to deliver a range of around 100 nautical miles and five hours foiling, after charging at the marina.

BAR Technologies and Spirit Yachts have already seen the first order for the vessel, which is set for delivery in Q2 2022. The vessel is being built at Spirit Yachts’ yard in Ipswich, on the east coast of the UK.

Sean McMillan, CEO and Head of Design, Spirit Yachts, said: “The trend for forward thinking, environmentally aware yacht buyers has driven exciting changes in the market, and we are proud to work with BAR Technologies to deliver the next step in classic yacht design. BAR’s background in high-tech racing made them the ideal partner for this project, blending heritage with technology to create a sophisticated yet modern vessel.”

John Cooper, CEO, BAR Technologies, added: “We are hugely excited to partner with Spirit Yachts to push the boundaries of modern classic yacht performance. There is significant market demand for sustainable leisure vessels, drawing innovation from the wider maritime sector, and it’s an exciting opportunity for BAR to collaborate with the sector’s leading yacht designers and builders. Sean and his team have a strong track record of designing beautiful boats, and we are looking forward to working with them to bring advanced foiling technology to the classic yacht world.”