Welcome to our virtual showroom that presents WindWings® by BAR Technologies, in partnership with Cargill and naval architect Deltamarin.

Enter the Virtual Showroom here

WindWings® are an industry-leading wind propulsion system for bulk cargo carriers, tankers, Ro Ro and PCTCs and other similar large vessels, designed to reduce a vessel’s CO2 emissions by as much as 30%. Our unique energy-efficient design will play an important role in the maritime industry’s transition to zero carbon emissions.

So how do they work? Explore how the wings look and operate and experience the views from on and off the vessel. We’ve included sightlines from the bridge, camera views that mitigate the sight blockage and the clear and unencumbered views from the extended bridge locations both port and starboard.

Change the viewing locations and the incoming wind angles using the dropdown lists and play with the panning function and scroll options. You’ll also be able to fold the WindWings® when entering a port. We’ve made the animation as close to real life experience as possible, so now’s the time to jump onboard!

If you’re interested in significantly reducing your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, get in touch using the contact information. We’ll be pleased to provide a tailor-made presentation specific for your vessel and your route.

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