A Journey Of Progression

Who Are We

BAR Technologies brings the innovation, the technology and the competitive ethos of the America’s Cup direct to your business. Led by Martin Whitmarsh, the former McLaren Group Team Principal and CEO, along with America’s Cup designer and engineer Simon Schofield, BAR Technologies offers access to world class specialists at the forefront of marine industry development.



The company was formed in 2016 to make available the wealth of design knowledge, technical skills and intellectual property developed through our involvement in the America’s Cup.

A cohesive team of elite naval architects and optimisation specialists; aero- and hydro-dynamists; mechanical, structural and composite engineers; control strategy and system specialists; data analysts and simulation experts who specialise in technically challenging multidisciplinary design, evaluation and optimisation engineering challenges.



The team benefits from access to the latest commercial and bespoke in-house design and optimisation tools, along with a full immersion simulator.  Our continued development of these tools at the core of our design process is mission critical – commercial tools often do not suit the specific needs or simply don’t exist.

Advanced Naval Architecture

Includes bespoke machine-learning processes to optimise both aero- and hydrodynamic qualities, with full sea-keeping, static and dynamic stability analysis capabilities.

Aero and Hydrodynamic Simulations

Includes extensive experience and capacity in both RAN’s and potential flow simulations.

Performance Simulation

Includes bespoke numeric simulation including dynamic 6DOF vessel performance analysis, and development of full immersion simulations with a full motion platform on site.

Structural and Composite Engineering

Includes extensive FEA simulation skills with specific expertise in high fidelity FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) modelling; simulation of progressive and through thickness failure modes in composites; failure testing; and fibre optic, NDT and acoustic emission testing.

Mechanical Engineering

Includes engineering design for hydraulic components (bespoke actuators, pumps, manifolds etc), marine bearing solutions, and complex actuation mechanisms.

Control Science

Includes control strategy development and electronic/hydraulic configuration; numeric state model creation; ECU development and programming (and supply); pin out and loom design; hydraulic circuitry design and specification; extensive use of SIL and HIL rigs development.

Data Analysis

Includes development of data architecture, remote monitoring solutions, data viewers, marine instrument calibration (including bespoke wind triangle calculations), load monitoring and alarm systems, polar development, trajectory optimisation and weather routing.


Includes procurement, manufacture, assembly, testing and development of prototype vessels and/or components.


Email: simon.schofield@bartechnologies.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1489 587839