Guaranteed fuel savings and emissions reductions

Maximise your thrust from the wind, minimise your fuel consumption and emissions

Our patented three-element wing design is unique in the marketplace and delivers 2.5x the lift of a single element wing. On average global shipping routes, each WindWing® saves 1.5 tonnes of fuel and reduces emissions by 4.7 tonnes of CO2 for each day of operation.

Validated savings claims:

Our benefit calculations are based on achievable conditions, not best possible scenarios. Our 1.5 tonne per day average saving claim is based on a range of global routes, and takes into consideration adverse conditions, including poor weather conditions when the wings are not in operation.

Real-world performance:

Our flexible design provides a wind aerodynamic window, delivering reliable performance across a wide range of wind speeds and directions, even in sub-optional conditions.

Exhaustive testing:

Realistic simulations based on verified models accurately represent performance throughout WindWings® operational life, including all potential conditions and negative effects, such as depowering, interference, and bow winds.

Direct and significant influence on EEDI/EEXI and CII – normally two bands

Global shipping route savings

Figures represent average saving in tons of fuel per wing per day.

FL: Fully-laden leg BST: Ballest leg