Aerodynamically optimised superstructure


Aerodynamics & Performance

CFD modelling of ship superstructure within the ship system and historical wind statistics + generative design process + knowledge of Naval Architectural principles and required functionality = The AeroBridge® was born!

Careful consideration of structural weight and impact on ship trim and stability, combined with the aerodynamic benefits AeroBridge®, represent a paradigm shift in the design of commercial ships.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the AeroBridge® and a conventional ship superstructure?

A conventional ship superstructure is designed with little or no regard to its aerodynamic drag, whereas - in a world first - the AeroBridge® is designed specifically to minimise this.

How is the functionality of the ship superstructure maintained within the AeroBridge®?

Our team of in-house naval architects assess all requirements for accommodation, offices, stores etc and reconfigure within the AeroBridge® geometry. In fact many of the internal spaces benefit from greater natural light and improved external views

When will we be able to see the first vessel launched with an AeroBridge® instead of a conventional superstructure?

The first vessel will be launched at the end of 2025